Kandi Buruss’s All Girl Group Glamour

Glamour (Hires)Glamour

Glamour (featuring Kaylan, Moriah, and Ydal, who are between 15 and 16) previously appeared on X Factor in 2013. Glamour is Kandi Buruss from the 90s girl group Xscape, all girl group whom here to show why being a girl is the best thing in life. Kontrol had the opportunity to sit down with them and talk to them about their music, style, boys, and how Kandi has influenced them.

Kontrol Girl: How did you connect?

Kaylan: Well, we were all individual artists who were training at AGI Entertainment. I was training as a actress, Moriah as a dancer, and Ydal as a dancer.  So we figured that our talent was better together rather than separate.  So we formed Glamour in 2012.

KG: Would you go back to acting?

Kaylan: YES

KG: So all you guys can act, sing, and dance? So a triple threat?

All: (lol) YES

KG: A triple threat there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s more money.

KG: So how would you describe you music?

Moriah: We do Ballads, Up-tempo songs, and we do songs that you can “Dab” too as well. Just feel good music, we cover a wide range of songs.

KG: I head the song “Come Correct” and working with Kandi, whom is about women empowerment.  Will there be any girl power or men bashing songs?

Moriah: Yes, we got to let them know (laughing)

KG: So have you guys started working on you album?

Ydal: Yes, we are in the process of recording a bunch of songs and trying to figure out songs fit well on the album.

KG: So an album or EPK?

Moriah: Yea probably EPK, first.

KG: What producers have you guys had a chance to work with so far?

Ydal: We’ve been working with Brandon James, whom also our songwriter, and sometime Kandi

KG: So we are fashion, beauty, and lifestyle publication so tell the readers some of your favorite designers and whom you guys look up to for fashion inspiration?

Kaylan: I really like Rihanna style, it’s different and bold. You can’t really place her in a box. And I love Rihanna lol.

Kaylan: I like the edgy style and leather style jackets.  That’s me.

KG: Any designers:

Kaylan: umm not really. Well may Giuseppe.

KG: So you are a shoe girl

Kaylan: (lol) yes

Moriah: I am a girly girl so I like dresses, form fitting clothing. I don’t like baggy stuff really.

Moriah: Hmm, who do I look up to?  As far as fashion, (pause) I really like Beyoncé as far as fashion.

Moriah: I am into Giuseppe like Kaylan but heels or sneakers. And I like Chanel, also.

Ydal: I like tomboyish and girly things.  I like to play around with my style.  I rather be in baggy stuff rather than tight fit.  I like Giuseppe, Nike, Jordan, and Adidas, all that.  I love that stuff but being French, I really like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and other French designers.

KG: Oh, she got style (lol)

KG: Are there any beauty products you would recommend to your fan base?

Kaylan: Um, I think we all can say, “We are for MAC”. (ALL AGREE) Like when we walk into Macy’s, we go straight to the MAC counter.  We just love everything about MAC from the foundation, lipstick, and their brushes are so soft.

Moriah: Urban Decay. Their eye shadow is beautiful and Becca Cosmetics has a great highlighter that gives you a glow.

KG: Are you homeschool as well?

All: YES

KG: Have you guys found it difficult to balance friendship and being in the studio? How about having a boyfriend?

All: No boyfriends

KG: So no one knocking on the door trying to be the boyfriends?

ALL: (Laughing) They coming but nah

KG: How about home life and working? Do you find it hard to balance?

Ydal: I mean it’s hard at this age trying to pursue a career in this business. It’s time consuming but you get to do what you love.  You are doing something that other people don’t the end result of but you do.  And sometime people are going to ask you to go to the movies with them and hang out but your true friends will understand that you have other priorities.

Kaylan: Yes, our real friend.  But you find out who your real friends are real quickly.

KG: So do you hangout outside the studio?

All: Yes, we hangout all the time.

Kaylan: We are literally best friends.

KG: What set you apart from other girl groups such as Fifth Harmony and the Little Mix?

Moriah: One thing I can say is positivity, we aren’t going to be cursing in our music because we have standard to uphold to younger girls who follow us.  You don’t have to vulgar do this or that.  We are going to show them how to be positive without cursing and doing unnecessary things.  You can still be able turn up and slay without all the drama.

KG: Have you worked together with any producers outside of Atlanta?

Ydal: We taken trips to L.A. and N.Y to meet up with producers and agencies since we all are actresses.

KG: Which is your better so far: L.A., N.Y., or Atlanta? Don’t say Atlanta because you are from here either. (lol)

Ydal: (lol) Atlanta is lit but not my favorite, I would say New York.

Kaylan: (smiling) New York, the energy is amazing and it makes me so happy.

Moriah: I agree

KG: You working on our EP or album, which song stick out to you and why?

(Looking at each other)

Moriah: that’s a good question

Kaylan: We love all our songs.

Ydal: I think it depends on the moods, we have a song called “Bye Felicia” which I love.  If you not trying to get on my level and you are being a little girl instead of woman “Bye Felicia”.

Ydal: There is a different song for every emotion

KG: How about if we need something slow?

All: “BAE”

Kaylan: We talking about that special one.

Moriah: Not that we have one (laughing). People go through that so we wanted to talk about it.

KG: How has Kandi helped shape your group?

Ydal: We are really blessed to have her.  She has been in a girl group so she knows what girl groups go through.  She has poured into us, stay together.  There’s no “I” in team, so when we get out there with the big dogs people won’t tear us apart.  She has put into our heads that their no leader in a group.  We all have a role to play and to stick together.

 Moriah: And with music, we definitely listens to her because she is so knowledgeable.  Because she like to “remove this here and put it here”.

KG: What would you say is the most important thing you gain being a girl group?

Kaylan: I would say stick together.

Moriah and Ydal: YES

Moriah: Working together and learning to work with other people because everyone has their own personality. Because people don’t always get along so being in a group teaches you how to talk out your problems without assuming and that you shouldn’t take everything so serious.

Ydal: Being in a group, it’s about finding yourself. And you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

KG: You hear a lot of people say that they didn’t lean the business side of music.  So are you taking the time to learn about the business side along with performing?

Moriah: Yes, we ask a lot question and being under Kandi we know how great of a business woman she is.  She has several businesses going on at the same time, and we aim to be like her.  Being under her, we have no choice but learn.  And our team let us know what going on so we will never left out on any business decisions.


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