Kandi Buruss’s Co’ed Group Loud (Living Out Ur Dreams)


Co-Ed Group which stands for Living Out Ur Dreams, consist of 15 year old Timothee’ Alex, 15 year old Katie Marie’, 16 year old Turner, and 14 year old Kiersten. Teen sensation Loud is Kandi Buruss of the 90s girl group Xscape, new group whom she has taken under wings. Influenced by the group Black Eyed Peas, Fifth Harmony, and singer Tori Kelly as their musician inspiration.  Kontrol Girl got a chance to sit down with them find out more about the group.


Loud (Hi-res)


Kontrol Girl: How did you all connect?

Turner: We actually formed in the summer of 2013 through AGI Entertainment. We are individual artists whom came together and became Loud.

KG: How would you describe you guy’s sound?

Turner: Urban Pop. We have some urban and a little bit of pop.  And we have songs that’s a mixture of the two.

KG: Are you guys working with any major producers?

Timothee’ Alex: umm, not yet.

All: But we are trying, too!!

KG: How would you describe your looks? You guys are 4 individuals with 4 different personalities. So  how do you come together as a group as in style.

Kiersten: I would describe my style as urban, edgy, and high end.

KG: Who would you say would be the fashionista of the group?

(looking at each other)

Turner: Kiersten

Kiersten: Really me? (looking stunned)

Katie Marie’: Maybe me also

Turner: Yeah, it’s between Katie and Kiersten

KG: Whose some of you guys favorite designers? We are a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle publication so our readers would like to know who you guys fashion go to person for style.

Turner: I’m into long tees and a bomber jacket type of person.  My go to persons would be Justin Bieber and maybe the Weeknd. He has some cool stuff.

KG: How about a designers? Are there anyone in particular that you like?

Turner: Christian Louboutin, he has these one pair of shoes that I want sooo bad.

Katie Marie’: My style would be inspire by Taylor Swift. I like her entire style.

KG: Any designers?

Katie Marie’: Uhh, not really

Timothee’ Alex: I love shoes. There is a pair Yeezy that I want. (Laughing)

KG: Have you guys started working on an album?

All: Yes!!

KG: Have you guys finish the album? And how would you describe the songs on the album?

Turner: Our whole album is a concept album, so every song has a meaning.  We aren’t completely finish with it but every song is part of a story.

KG: If you guys could say their one song that everyone should listen to, what would it be?

Kiersten: Phenomenon, I think we would all say that song.

KG: Why that song?

All: It’s something you wouldn’t expect, very different.

KG: Most groups don’t last long so how you guys expect to break the trend?

Katie Marie’:  We are like family, and like you can see we are diverse.  We have different personal  and sometime it’s a bad thing but all of personalities actually balances the group out.

KG: So you guys are home school?

All: Yes

KG: So you guys are like 14 or 15 years old, how do you balance having a personal life along with being in the music industry?

Turner: We love doing this and everyone in our personal life is very supportive of us and know what’s   going on and they are always there for us.  They love helping out and making sure we get somewhere.

Kiersten: To me, this is family. You got your immediate family then you have your second family.  These guys are my second family.

KG: Do you guys ever find yourself wanting to do the regular stuff as a teenagers and wanting to hang out at the mall instead of going to a studio session?

Turner: I get that all the time because I rather play basketball but then I get to thinking how much I love doing this.  And this what I want to do with my life.

Kiersten: I feel like that sometime but then I think about my future and what I’m doing right now going  to pay off.

Katie Marie’: Yes, it can be a struggle sometimes because I do want to hang out with your friends. But then I think about the end goal and where I want to be which motivates me.

Timothee’ Alex: For me, it’s different. I enjoy the work side of it and I believe in work now play later.  Yes, I miss going to parties and football games but I get to say “I’m at the studio, I’m  at an interview, and working with big people”.

Kiersten: And then your friends are like, “Oh I want to be there”!

KG: Do you guys write or gotten to that level of writing?

Turner: I write and produce, and Timothee’ as well. We all play an instrument.

KG: How has Kandi helped to shaped you guys as writers?

Kirsten: We are so grateful to have her. She has taught us so much about teamwork and the importance of being a team.  And that there no “I” in team, it’s not about you. It’s all about becoming stronger and as a unit.

KG: Because there not many groups out there, what set you apart from the rest?

Turner: We are set apart from every other group because of our positivity and no matter what we put out it’s going to be positive.  You don’t have to be mean or rude because someone believes in  something totally different from what you believe. They just being themselves so we are promoting  positivity and being yourself.

Timothee’ Alex: Part of our message is diversity, you don’t see multiracial groups in the music industry  that many people can relate too.

Kiersten: I believe we can relate


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