Written by: Barrie Ladipo

With the whole nation following the Kardashian’s for the past ten years, we have unintentionally been following Kylie’s Jenner road to popularity as well. And our biggest interest, her lips. For the past two years, Kylie has been creating a lipstick line that has finally come to life. Finally, Lipkit by Kylie is available to purchase. It’s being sold on the universe’s now most engaged site during the busiest time of the year. Shocker- not!

The lipkit comes as a total kit for your lips, including; a lipliner and a matte liquid lipstick available in 3 shades: Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K. It is so cute (or weird) how every color name ends with K.

Obtaining a lipkit maybe harder than hopping on a foot and rubbing my stomach at the same time since they’ve been selling out so rapidly, so I’ll advise to die trying, (kidding). But, Amazon and Ebay most likely got the goods, as always. Try to order yours here.

Kylie always knows how to keep lips the main attraction.




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