ANTI Riri ….

Written by: Barrie Ladipo

After seeing 2015’s most influential woman, in my opinion, all over the red carpets, Puma ads for her new sneaker line, and is now Dior’s first African American woman spokesperson, all we are waiting for is the music.

Fans are surprisingly still content with “Bitch Better Have My Money”, but are still anticipating on her 8th studio album, that has been announced to be, ANTI. We are certainly excited with her stage return. The fashion icon annouced that a tour will be coming along with the album. The ANTI tour has been confirmed by ours truly with a short promo video posted on her instagram released with Samsung that has begun to appear on our television screens frequently.

This is her first tour since 2012 since the Diamonds Tour, but can we blame her? Our girl has certainly been working. Likes of Travis Scott, The Weeknd and Big Sean will be blessing the stage on the ANTI tour preparing us for a dope tour to Rihmember.

Refering to the promo video, I think it is safe to say that Riri will be giving us an androugynous feel. I mean, she can really do anything. Tour dates havent been announced, but tickets are available to purchase on December 3rd- a must have on your holiday want list.

 Watch her full ANTI trailer: 


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