I Hate Men….There I Said it

i hate men

I hate men…..there I said it. In a world filled with the constant desire to be politically correct, I take pride in finally accepting this cold harsh reality- a truth in which many women actually feel, but few would ever verbally admit. “Why does she have to hate ALL men?” you’re probably wondering, or  “doesn’t she realize that all men aren’t the same?”

While I believe it to be  quite obvious that all men aren’t created equal by design, it is important to know that they don’t usually vary from the script.

I hate men because they hate us. From music, to art, to pop culture, we are reminded  of society’s favoritism towards those with a penis on a constant basis. The irony in being submerged in a culture where “Bitches Ain’t Shit,” and “Fuck That Bitch” are considered catchy tunes, is that the second a woman confesses her dis-contempt for the opposite sex she’s “bitter” or an “old maid” while men are celebrated for their hatred towards women. The more disrespectful the better.

You see, men are separated into two categories: have your “bad boys” (which are inherently terrible for you but their sex is so great you still manage to find yourself involved with the sons of b***hes anyway) and then there are the other guys who attempt to set themselves apart from the bad boys by making statements such as “I’m different” or “every man doesn’t do those things” -as if this admission is enough to make me completely dismiss my grief all together. If you are so different, then why are you single? Where are all of you so called “good men” when your fellow man is dragging us through the mud? No where to be found-that’s where.

Life is entirely too short to play Russian Roulette with your heart. For every good guy (and I use this term very loosely) there are 8 ass holes looking for every excuse possible to NOT commit. I’m personally not a huge gambler so the idea of “risking it all in the name of love” doesn’t excite me. In comparison, being an old maid actually doesn’t seem that bad.

Written by: Meaghan Carter






2 thoughts on “I Hate Men….There I Said it”

  1. I can relate, I hate men too because men hate women so much. I rather stay single too, than having to tolerate an asshole in my life who loves to watch pornsites were hating women is cellibrated and horney. I used to love men but I really hate men for this. Porn has made me really hate men because it has shown me who men really are. Even the so called “nice guys”, they all watch womanhating porn because they all hate us too! They lie when that claim the be good guys, because if they really are, why do they love porn so much if they’re “so good to women”?
    I’m lucky I don’t want kids, so I can live a manfree life. If I had the power to kill all men, I would do it in an instant, I hate them so much! Two eggs can be used to make babies these day’s, so we don’t need men anymore as a species to survive, so what are men still here? Men have been hating women for thousands of years now, and I don’t think it will ever end unless we kill them all. Let us make a porno out of that!

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