Sitting Pretty in your Ugly Holiday Sweater

Written by: Barrie Ladipo

Okay, so now your office wants to do the traditional ugly sweater party and you always have that one competitive guy that takes it overboard. Already eliminating yourself out of his competition, the first thing on your mind is: how cute can I be in something ugly?   This themed holiday party can emerge more stress than preparing Christmas dinner. Luckily, we got your back like always. We gathered up a collection of sweaters that will not only have you fashionably forward, but easy on the pockets as well. Ugly is the new pretty once you walk in!


sweater3Santa Break The Internet Sweater, Tipsy Elves $75



ASOS Christmas Jumper In ‘I’m on the Naughty List’, $54


santa is my bae knitted christmas jumper grey,, $34



Hollie Reindeers and Snowflake Christmas Jumper, Boohoo $26


You Know Hue Metallic Sweater,, $50


Ella Fluffy Snowflake Intarsia Stripe Christmas Jumper,, $30




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