Don’t Leave Without These Gym Bag Essentials

As you prepare for a vigorous workout session, there are a few essentials that you need to pack in your gym bag for a successful and refreshing exercise. The activity, weather, and comfort support  factors into these must have packing essentials. Since you are burning so many calories and using so much energy your gym bag has to be your relief. Here are ten fitness goodies you should have in your bag. 


Always bring a bottle of water. It’s important to stay hydrated during every workout. Don’t rely on gyms to provide you with water, bring your own just in case.

Face Rag

You tend to get pretty sweaty during an intense workout, bring a towel or rag to pat your face down when you’re feeling drenched.


This is completely optional, but in case you are dealing with any metal machinery protect your hands with a pair of leather gloves.


Sure, sneakers sound obvious, but it can also be a common mistake. If you’re heading to the gym from work you don’t want to forget the most important accessory.

Change of Clothes

You may not want to travel back home in your sweaty and even smelly clothes, change into some more refreshing and comfortable.


When you’re working out you tend to lose energy and of course burn calories. Eating a granola bar or fruit can restore your boost. Although you may have a snack, you should have a meal two hours prior to your workout.


Pack a energy-filled playlist to motivate you as you work out, but don’t get distracted with phone calls and text messages. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t forget your headphones.

Deodorant And Body Spray

In addition to a change of clothes, you want to have a fresh body. If you can take a shower then do so, if not clean yourself with your rag or wipe and apply deodorant and body spray for a clean scent.

Face Wash

Wash your face an apply moisturizer to remove any grease and sweat. Build up of sweat and old can clog your pores and lead to effects, be sure to take care of your skin.

By: Krissy Lewis

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