4 Benefits of Being a Thick Chick



It’s not easy being a curvy girl in a world designed for thin women. (No shade) As the evolution of society’s standard of beauty continues to transform, it is vital that all women (but thick women especially) feel confident and secure in the skin they’re in.  With that being said, there are some major perks that come with being a voluptuous woman. Here are the top four:

  1. Your clothes fit better:

Having a bodacious body can compliment even the most unflattering clothing. All of that extra butt, thigh, and chest can fill out all of those empty spaces. Nothing is worse seeing someone in a pair of jeans that fit everywhere except the pants. Congratulations….that will ever be you.

  1. You get laid more:

Statistics show that “hip curvy” women tend to have more sex. Hundreds of years ago, women with wider hips where seen as attractive due to their perceptive fertility- hence the term “baby making hips.”

  1. You’re probably a great cook:

Thick women can appreciate eating good meal and can almost certainly prepare one, We can sit down with almost and enjoy a filling and delicious meal without counting calories, carbs, or fat.  After all, they say you should never trust a skinny cook.

  1. You’re more likely to win a fight:

Unlike our thinner counterparts, physically denser women tend to be able to withstand pressure; making our size the ultimate secret weapon. Assuming that your hand game (i.e slapping or boxing skills) are pretty decent, you could actually do some damage in the ring. (And by ring I mean bar, alley, back yard, or where ever the battle goes down.)



Written by: Meaghan Carter



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