Re-Inventing Yourself After A Devastating Breakup (Part I)


The ending of a relationship can be a pretty difficult time period- a time that’s usually spent in limbo between grieving a failed relationship and anticipating the future. After you’ve endured the crying spells, drunken nights, and eating an entire gallon of ice cream, it’s time to get to work on improving yourself.  Start your life anew with these three ways to re-invent yourself after a devastating breakup.

 Alter you appearance

Remember that hairstyle your ex said he hated on you? Or that outfit that you’ve always thought was cute but never found the courage to wear it? Grab it! Put it on! Do it! The first way to re-inventing yourself is to adjust your physical appearance. Lose those fifteen pounds you’ve been complaining about for the past year or (if you have the finances) refurbish your wardrobe. Best case scenario, your ex will have second thoughts while scrolling through your Instagram pics, worst case scenario, you emerge with a well deserved ego boost. Sounds like a win-win.

Find a hobby/follow your passion

The end of a relationship can a huge vacant space in your life. The time that you devoted to your partner has now become your worst enemy. Regain power over your free time and invest it something you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t have a life long passion? Then take up  a new hobby. The goal is to explore yourself. The sense fulfillment that comes from honoring yourself will help soothe any lingering bitterness and help usher in “the new you.”

Written by: Meaghan Carter


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