5 Things To Do For An Enjoyable Flight

By: Krissy Lewis

As you gear up for your holiday travels or a quick getaway with friends, there’s a few things to remember for an easy and enjoyable flight. Of course being prepared and booking your flight in advance is important, but what you do and pack can also effect your experience. Here are five helpful activities and packing essentials for an enjoyable flight.

A big handbag: a tote bag is your travel lifesaver. It’s an extra bag for you to store clothes, electronics, and any valuables you may have with you. Instead of paying for another bag, you’ll save money while all your needs at your fingertips.

Music and movies: Whether or not you choose to purchase wifi on your flight, prior to your flight you can add a variety of music and movies on your phone or tablet. Enjoy your entertainment with or without service.

Don’t travel alone: Don’t travel alone, enjoy your vacation with a friend or relative. Use the travel time to plan your itinerary, play games, and catch up on lost times, maybe reminisce about past vacations.

Write: Create a journal. Record all the events from your trip from beginning to end. It will be nice to relive the experience again once you return home.

Read: Finish any article or book you may have started. This is a great way to kill time. Do research on your destination, it’s a great way familiarize yourself with the history, culture, and language before arriving.

Enjoy your travels and look out for more travel tips in our next print issue.


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