Five Types of Men to Avoid While Dating (Part 5)

smooth op1

“The Smooth Operator”

The final and most dangerous of the five is the Smooth Operator. Failure to detect these manipulative masterminds could result in an episode of Jerry Springer. (In the most extreme cases)

The Smooth Operator is much like the revolving door in that he ALWAYS possess an ulterior motive. Your interactions with him will almost always be based of his personal interests. However, this guy possesses enough charm, wit, and sensual mystery to throw you off of his trail for quite some time. This is a man who is not shy with the ladies and has mastered the art of impartiality. Sex with him is amazing-so good in fact that it is obvious that he does it quite often. While you will NEVER be the only woman, he is an expert at keeping your insecurities at bay. This means regular phone calls, dates, and even appearing to care about your overall wellbeing. This suave dude will avoid defining your relationship because it will set up too many expectations that he may or may not live up. Instead, he is very vague in all of his outwardly expectations. He is the “let’s go with the flow,” or “let’s see how everything pans out,” type of guy. You will be often be confused and may even permanently be written off as “friends with benefits.” What you won’t realize about this man until it’s too late is that his loyalty will always be to himself. Dealing with this dude is a one way ticket to nowhere.

It is critical to weed out these bad apples so that they won’t contaminate your overall dating experience. Often times, many of us only see what we wish to see. There will always be warning signs before every catastrophic situation in life, it’s just up to us to take heed. After all, where there is smoke, there’s fire.

But steering clear of these 5 types of guys will surely set you the right path to the romantic life you deserve.

Written by: Meaghan Carter


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