Three Truths Every Young Mother Should Know

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Your true friends will reveal themselves

Part of being a young mother is accepting the fact that you will often times live a life that’s drastically different from your peers. Drunken nights and spring break vacations won’t exactly be at the top of your priority list anymore. Because of this, you will find that most of the people you used to hang around will seem to fade into the background. Even as it pertains to dating, life as you know it is forever changed. Responsibility will often trump adventure. This forces those who really want to be around you to try and accommodate your schedule- which won’t be many. However you will find that the people who do, are great friends to have.

There WILL be times when it sucks…and that’s okay

Society teaches us that as a woman, you must love every aspect of parenting and let’s face it…that’s just flat out unrealistic. Sure you have your mothers on Facebook who constantly gloat about how happy they are to be a parent and how awesome their life has become in the process. Meanwhile most of us will struggle to find a balance between being a mommy, having a career, and maintaining a functional love and social life. There will be instances where you will wonder what life would have been like without children. (Especially while establishing a career.) This does not make you a terrible mom, it makes you human. There is a reason why being a mother is commonly referred to as the “hardest job on the planet.” This does NOT inherently mean that you hate or regret your kid. Calm down.


But the rewards are limitless

The joy of having someone look to you for everything they need in life can be scary and overwhelming…but also beautiful. You will fall in love with watching their eyes light up as you enter the room or listening to the alphabet being sung in baby talk. Nothing can amount to the joy you’ll feel watching that tiny human explore the world for the first time. You are both their safe place and best friend. This alone is enough to combat the daily sacrifices and sleep deprivation. Believe it or not, children aren’t children forever; and one of the most gratifying parts about motherhood is in knowing that you’ve done your best to raise  a productive member of society. So seize every moment of the process.

Written by: Meaghan Carter


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