The Art Of Patience

By: Krissy Lewis

Patience is truly a virtue, a skill even. Patience is defined as bearings of annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without dispute. As young adults this act is foreign to us, but it’s not our fault. As Millennials, we’re constantly working to create something absolutely genius or groundbreaking. As we continue our path to live out our dreams, we have to learn to the art of patience.

Chasing your dreams should make your heart sing instead of giving you heartache. There’s been several times in my career as a writer where I’ve been extremely frustrated with waiting, doing free work, and doing it all again for another company. Then I realized, developing a sense of patience is essential to guide you on any life path, especially as you build your career. Your journey is preparing you to be as knowledgeable and strong as possible. Many of us put our jobs and relationships on the line because the gain is worth more than the struggle, so we convince ourselves that it’s all worth it. However, if you don’t truly believe it, acquiring patience will be more difficult for you. Believe in your fate, work, and be optimistic about what’s to come.

The biggest misconception about patience is that we’re waiting for something that may never come, because it’s not here yet. Good things come to those who wait, so don’t stress about school, work, or your achieving your goals too much. Continue to work hard and put 100 percent into everything you do. Make yourself completely undeniable and be confident in your purpose. Adding any unnecessary stress can make you more eager, impatient, and incompetent. Whenever you feeling yourself getting anxious, remind your self that everything will fall into place at the right time. Anxiety only messes with your normal functions sand cloud your mind with negative thoughts, raise your heart rate and adrenaline, which can all led to disastrous results. Do your self a favor and learn the art of patience, when it’s your time your work will shine and get the recognition it deserves. Love what you do because patience will take you where you need to be.



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