4 Questions Every Woman Should Ask On the First Date

first date2First dates usually serve as a  preliminary screening. It’s the part where you two dance back and forth between battling the mounting  physical tension and actually getting to know one another. Therefore, it is extremely important that you ask the right questions. After all, they could very well be the deciding factor between you two being match made in heaven or dates from the pits of hell. With that in mind, DO NOT walk away from date one without the answer to these four questions.

1.  Where does he see himself in five years?

This is a highly important question because it gives you a chance to compare and contrast your goals along side his. If you find that his five year plan doesn’t coincide with what you want out life, or if he doesn’t have a five year plan at all, this might be a major red flag.

2. How close is he to his mom?

The relationship between a man and his mother is a clear indicator of the way he will treat you during the relationship. Find out if he’s a mama’s boy or at odds with her most of the time. Pay close attention to the way he speaks of he and remember-a guy will never treat you any better than he treats the woman who birthed him.

3. When was his last relationship?

Asking this question is obviously important in gauging what kind of guy you’re dealing with. Here, you will find out if he prefers fly-by-night situations, or something more stable.

4. What is he looking for?

Now while some would argue that this might be a little too pushy, it is important to state your objectives upfront. While you should avoid coming off too aggressively, understand that there is nothing wrong with expecting someone name their intentions. Much like the five year plan, it allows you to decide if this is something you want to sign up for in the first place.

Written by: Meaghan Carter-Morris


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