If You Haven’t Heard TRAPSOUL Yet, Here’s Why You Need To Listen Now

By: Krissy Lewis

If you haven’t taken a dose of R&B’s newest sensation, you need to. Louisville native, Bryson Tiller, emerged on the music scene with his popular Billboard hit “Don’t.” The R&B and rap-infused single gained instant fame after listeners caught wave of the soft and emotion packed single, “Don’t,” on his Soundcloud. The single garnered great responses from the industry and fans reaching to 28 million clicks.

Tiller released two musical projects prior to his breakout album, “TRAPSOUL.” Tiller, who is only 22 years old, draws inspiration from women and passion for music to reach success. Within just a short time Tiller, held the top two spots on Billboard’s Emerging Artist charts, opened up for Travis Scott, gain the likes of Drake and Timbaland, and sold more than 30,000 copies of “TRAPSOUL” within two weeks. If this doesn’t persuade you, here are five more reasons to listen to “TRAPSOUL.”

  1. TRAPSOUL is the equal balance of the trap life and soulful vibes and compassion. Trap, as Tiller portrays, is just the grind and hard work it takes into being a successful artist. The songwriter also reveals this daughter has served as a big inspiration for what he does. On the other hand women and relationships has helped him see the man he was and what he has to do to be better. TRAPSOUL to appeal to both men and women, in one portion of the album you’ll hear stories about relationships and self-reflection, where as the other half of the album expresses his goals and his craft as a musician.
  1. This work is very relatable whether or not you’re in this situation now, we’ve all felt unappreciated, undeserving, focused, excited, and grateful at one point. These are all the emotions Tiller provokes, but he manages to keep a lively beat to make you feel good.
  1. Tiller gives a glimpse of his personal life and the opportunities that led him to dead ends (so to speak). In “Ten Nine Fourteen,” he reminisces on the time he met Timbaland but bad timing sent him home with more ambition. He also references his appreciation for Drake consigning for the Tiller moment we’re experiencing.
Photo courtesy of VIBE
Photo courtesy of VIBE
  1. He respects Drake and Party Next Door but he’s not a clone. Tiller has been compared to the to OVO artist, however, he has his own sound. What separates Tiller is the connection you get, with “TRAPSOUL” it seems like you’ve known him forever. Each track gives you an “I’ve been there moment” or “I’ve felt that way before.” It’s a very personal body of work.
  1. We can expect more great music in the future. This is just a chapter in his life, a space he’s no longer in. He’s dealt with his problems and chooses to move on from it. The hidden message in the entire album is to constantly be inspired and do better for yourself. Tiller’s story consisted of getting kicked out, many nights sleeping in his car, working two jobs, and not being able to go back to Papa John’s to making a big change in his life that led him to top charts and create music for a bigger audience and fan base.

To download TRAPSOUL click here.


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