Foods/Beverages That Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism


Have you decided to be pro-active and work on that spring body a little early? Well here are some natural ways to spike your body’s metabolism levels and burn fat.


One of nature’s secret weapons, lemons have proven to be a highly efficient fat burner. You can add them to any dish for a little extra flavor as well as a metabolism boost.

 Cayenne Pepper:

Statistic show that cayenne pepper helps the body burn fat by giving it a natural thermogenic boost. Thus, igniting a chemical reaction which kicks the metabolism into over drive. Add it to your favorite dishes if you don’t mind turning up the heat.

 Egg whites:

The next time you have eggs for breakfast, trying discarding the yolks and eating only the white. Egg whites are packed full of protein and are a great way to keep your body’s metabolism revved up-naturally.  


Making up 75% of your body,  no wonder  that water is one of the most natural and effective ways to boost your metabolism. In fact, a study from the Emory University School of Medicine shows that you could burn even more fat by drinking cold water. Your body would have to use a ton of energy to warm it up. The end result? More calories gone!

Green Tea:

Containing a chemical compound called EGCG. Green tea has been clinically proven to optimize the body’s fat burning process. Try aiming for 5-6 cups a day to maximize its effect.


 Written by: Meaghan Carter



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