5 Beauty Buys to Keep During Cuffing Season

Winter is looming and the nights are  becoming longer and colder. If you are like me, the changes in the season have a profound effect on my mood. Scientifically, this change in mood is called Seasonal Affect Disorder. One way that doctors prescribe that you rid yourself of the ‘winter blues’ is to take Vitamin D supplements to mimic the endorphins you naturally absorb by the sun.

While I am all for natural remedies…I believe the best kind of medicine is a little human connection. So naturally like other singles my age, I find myself a cuddle partner. As you are watching hours upon hours of Netflix, surely you’ll find yourself either taking a nap or sleeping over. So in the morning, you’ll want to refresh yourself, but you don’t want too many toiletries as to not invade your cuffing bae’s space.

5 beauty products to  keep during cuffing season

  1. Toothpaste Tablets

Dirty Tooth Tabs – Lush – $4.95

dirty tooth tabs


  1. Cleansing Face Wipes

Micelluar Make-up – Simple – $6.99

Simple Micelluar wipes3.   Natural Deodorant

Spray-on Deordorant – Weleda – $11.99


4.   Mascara

They’re Real Tease” : Mascara and Mini Liner – Benefit – $18.00


5. Lip Balm

Vanilla Birthday Cake – Philosophy – $10

vanilla b-dayWritten by: Michelle Gill

Instagram: @magill2


One thought on “5 Beauty Buys to Keep During Cuffing Season”

  1. Used to suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder but I don’t anymore. Vitamin D is just a small part of the bigger story. Full spectrum dynamic nutrition is the ONLY way to go, girlfrein’!! That’s why GOD made bone soup 😀

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