Kanye West Releases Short Film For Yeezy Season 2

By: Krissy Lewis

We all know how passionate Kanye West is about his fashion and being able to create in such an unique way. He’s reminded us many times that he’s put himself in debt to invest in his dream or that time he became a little defensive with say yelling “You ain’t got the answers Sway!” “How Sway?” However if that’s not enough to convince you that he loves fashion his new documentary will.

Yesterday (October 28) West released a silent documentary, the “Yeezy Season 2 Film.” The documentary gave viewers a glance into a day in the life of Kanye as a designer and the creative process behind Yeezy, which releases today.

The collection consists of many trending colors from this season and the previous Yeezy collections like — neutral tones, olive, chocolate-brown, bluish gray, and cranberry. The collection also exaggerates the oversized lounge look with some of the sweatshirt pieces. However in the same token, West created form-fitting pieces to bring out the true shape in every woman.

The short film reveals what inspired this collection, who West collaborated with, and how he makes his clothing come alive. Watch the film in its entirety here.


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