Chanel in Cuba?

Written By: Barrie Ladipo

Cuba, officially the Republic of Cuba, is a country in the Caribbean and also the United States’ nemesis, but A-listers have managed to evolve into a must go destination- what a transformation. With all this confusion going on in our world, Karl Lagerfeld took the role in being the official peacemaker for these countries with Chanel. While everyone is still trying to gather the U.S. and Cuba hopefully growing to be frenemies, we all need to begin prepping our bug repellent and sun screen. Karl Lagerfeld announced that Chanel’s Resort 2017 show will be located in Havana, Cuba on May 3, 2016.

Well, what will we be looking forward too? With Chanel’s past shows as an example, presenting the show in Cuba is already broadcasting a strong statement. With a Hispanic and African atmosphere being the scene, we can surely expect fluent, vibrant colors, striking prints, and straw accessories. We can also think of famous Cuban artists like Celia Cruz, Gloria Estefan and even Pitbull to be the music choices for the runway. Most importantly, how will the designer incorporate Cuba’s culture into a high fashion declaration, especially how he would pay respects to the Caribbean’s controvertible past with a reassuring future. A lot to ponder, but in the mean time get your old records out and begin blasting Mambo No.5 so you have no excuse to not be ready for this event.


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