Raf Simons Say Bye To Christian Dior

By: Krissy Lewis

Women’s collection brand,Christian Dior, has made great strides in the fashion industry. Its most recent groundbreaking campaign with Rihanna, the first Black woman in a  Dior campaign, has driven sales through the roof. However yesterday (October 22) the brand’s creative director, Raf Simons, unveiled another big surprise facing the company — his decision to step down.

After his three-year partnership with Christian Dior, Simons’ personal life has taken priority.  He told fashion magazine, WWD, “It is a decision based entirely and equally on my desire to focus on other interests in my life, including my own brand, and the passions that drive me outside my work,” Simons continues, “Christian Dior is an extraordinary company, and it has been an immense privilege to write a few pages of this magnificent book.”

During Simons time with Dior he’s worked with Jennifer Lawrence, Marion Cotillard, and more to add drama to the company’s norm.

 Photo courtesy of BET
Photo courtesy of BET
Photo courtesy of Buro247.com
Photo courtesy of Buro247.com

Despite Simons split with Christian Dior, he assures the fashion industry that we can expect more from the designer.


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