New Hair Trend: Hair Tattoos

So far, hair trends for 2015 has been pretty creative from oil-slicking, new hair crimping methods to candy-cotton colored hair. Thus, it is pretty safe to say that hair has become one of the key tools to creating and defining your individual style. Before the year is up we are going to add more hair trend for you to try, hair tattoos.

hair tattoo

Hair accessories brand, Scünci has recently debuted a new set of hair tattoos that are applied just like those temporary tattoos you got as a kid. A pack of hair tattoos contains 2 sheets of designs in either silver or gold and retail for about $4.99. The tattoos can last in your hair for a couple days and can be easily removed by shampooing. It is advised and preferred that your hair is bone straight so that you can get the full affect of the design.

hair tattoo 1


So run, not walk to your nearest Walmart, Ulta or CVS and try a pack. Then come on back to and let us know about your experience.

Written by: Michelle Gill

Instagram: @magill2


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