My College Life: Former Dancing Doll, Sunjai Williams, Discusses Her New Life as a College Freshman

By: Fallon Victoria

It’s a season of transition for former reality TV personality and Dancing Dolls’ member Sunjai Williams. The 18-year-old Bring It sensation and dancer has made several exciting adjustments over the past few months.

Since the airing of Life Time’s hit reality dance TV show Bring It, Sunjai has become known for her perseverance, drive, and colorful personality. She recently graduated from Clinton High School and celebrated her last season with the Dancing Dolls and the Friday night TV show that made her popular. Her tenacity helped land her a full scholarship to DeSales University in Pennsylvania where she is now a first year freshman.

Sunjai Williams
Photo Retrieved from Instagram

In an interview with Kontrol Girl’s Fallon Victoria, Sunjai shared her sentiments on her exciting yet challenging new college life. Check the Q&A below:

Fallon Victoria: How has life after “Bring It” been for you?

Sunjai Williams: Life has been good! I’ve learned various styles of dance. You know I was used to doing majorette and hip-hop, but now I’m doing ballet and modern. I’m loving the modern, but ballet is a bit of a challenge because I have to learn the terms for it. Not only that, I have to learn the different movements and it’s a bit of a challenge! I’m like ‘Oh my Gosh this is so hard!’ It’s very fast paced because they expect us to know it already. I’m also taking an Intro to Modern and Ballet class, so they take it step by step for us.

FV: Well it’s great to know that you’re still dancing. So in terms of no longer being on television, how has that been for you?

SW: Not being on TV has been different because I’m so used to the same routine: getting up going to school, going to practice, and then interviews. Now my routine is different. I pretty much just get up and go to class. Then, I have all of this free time after my classes because there is no TV show. But I’m adjusting well…I was so used to having the cameras constantly in my face, now I’m just like ‘hmm ok cool.’ (LOL)

FV: So would you say that you’re enjoying your privacy or do you miss the cameras?

SW: I’m actually enjoying my privacy because being on TV can be a bit overwhelming. But I can’t say that I don’t miss it. I miss The Dancing Dolls, I miss Mrs. Dianna, I miss my family and I miss the TV show because we’d grown like a family to them too. I was so used to seeing them and I miss doing interview with them (producers) because they were so fun and energetic. I actually loved being around them and I miss them as well.


FV: I can imagine that is something to adjust to. Do you still watch the show?

 SW: Yes I do. Actually I had auditions for this dance thing here (at school) and I made it. I have to practice on Friday evenings so right after practice I run to my dorm to catch up on the show!


FV: How has the college experience been thus far?  Do you have people approaching you like, ‘Hey I know you?’

SW: College has been great. It’s just so cold here! (LOL). My first week, we had freshman orientation for 3 days and it was pretty normal. Some people didn’t know me so it was like I was a normal teenager again. But as the day progressed, I started to see different people like, “Oh my God, you’re the girl from that show!” Even now, with the campus being as big as it is, I’ll be walking somewhere and someone will spot me out and say, “Oh My Gosh are you Sunjai from Bring it?!” So yes people still approach me, and some of them seem a little afraid but I’m totally nice.

FV: It seems that you’ve adjusted well…not just to college but to the growing popularity over the years. How important is personality and how has it played a part in your success?

SW: Having a great personality is so important. When you go out, you want people to know you as nice, humble and able to interact with the fans. Because if you go in public and you’re mean or you give off this notion that you don’t want to be bothered, that’s a turn off. I feel like we shouldn’t be like that to fans because truth be told, we need them. Fans don’t just happen, you have to work for that. And when they do come, you want to be as nice as possible because just how you got them, you can lose them.

FV: You’re so right. Are you involved in anything on campus? Are you in any clubs or activities?

SW: Dance wise, I’ve looked into a few things. I auditioned for this dance program called ECC and I made it. I’m not involved in any clubs yet but I’m going to, just not right now.

FV: What are you majoring in and what are your career plans?

SW: Right now I’m majoring in dance. Next year I’m going into a double major of dance and business. As for my career, I really don’t know yet. I’m still thinking about it… I just know that I’m going to have a business and dance degree and I can go either way with them, or I can combine the two. I’ve thought about several things I can do but it’s not confirmed. I haven’t really made up my mind yet.

FV: Are you working on anything in particular in terms of your brand & dance career?

SW: Right now I’m just focusing on school. I don’t want to be stressed out, but I’m continuing to do different shows on the weekend if I can. My parents book different shows and events for me from time to time but the school also has a lot of things within my dance program that I have to attend. So sometimes there’s a conflict with school and dance obligations. But I’m still trying to do shows on the weekends when I can. I’ve done like 2 different events already and I have something this month and December majorette wise. As far as my brand, I haven’t put too much thought into it because I’m trying to make sure that my freshman year, at least the first semester, is solid. I don’t want to become overwhelmed with a lot of other things. I’m sure I’ll adjust and be able to focus on it in the near future, but right now my priority is adjusting to the college life and making good grades.

FV: You’re a very smart young lady and I’m sure your family, fans and former teammates are proud of you. Thanks for speaking with me.

SW: Thank you!

The recent years have brought about a whirlwind of success and new experiences for Sunjai Williams, and she’s artistically and academically committed to making the best of her opportunities. Although she’s stepped into unfamiliar territory, Sunjai embraces it boldly, and she’s determined to become a more versatile dancer, businesswoman and humanitarian.

Be sure to follow Sunjai online to keep up with the latest news and events!

Instagram: @bad2thebone__3


-Fallon Victoria @mrsfallonv


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