It’s All About The Music

Flashback to a day and time when you turned on the radio and your favorite song came on the air. You find yourself bobbing, dancing, and singing along with the track. Now pause and let the memory ride. Nostalgia– a beautiful, clean, and natural high, right? Well, as hard as it is to believe; those days seem long gone with the likes of fifty cent sodas, gas under a dollar, and kids who play hopscotch. To put it simply–where has the music gone? Most artists seem prepackaged and cookie cutter. The world indulges itself on rip offs of Trey Songz, cookie cutter versions of Ne-Yo, and let’s not forget the endless array of Usher clones out there. Thankfully,  one artist is bringing back two things music and the entertainment industry in generaltalentand originality! Mishon is his name, and once you hear his voice, you will know he is the best thing to happen to R& B since Avant hit us with My First Love! 

kontrol Girl Mishon

Mishon’s sound is unique and his tastes are eclectic. “I love music, like I really love it…rock, rap, R&B, hiphop, alternative…the mood and melody of different genres is just something I’ve always found to be so powerful and alluring…That’s when I’m just like hey  I really love music…” He loves all types of music, but admits to being directly influenced by R&B from the nineties and early 2000s. Most artists tend to cite older influences. “That’s what my parents played, so that’s what I grew up listening to…Aaliyah, Usher, TLC, Shai…there were a lot of amazing singers out then…” Mishon’s appreciation for music extends to instruments as well as he knows how to play both the keyboard and acoustic/electric guitar.


Look for the full interview coming soon!


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