6 Signs That He’s Not The One For You


  1. You don’t trust him: Trust is one of the basic building blocks of a partnership. Not being able to trust the man that you’re with will only lead to insecurity and resentment later down the road. Be honest with yourself. If you have to police his every move, you might want to re-evaluate your relationship.


2.  No physical attraction: Looks are certainly not everything but they do however, grab your attention. Being physically attracted to one another is imperative in keeping your love fresh. Why on earth would you deny yourself of those butterflies that bounce around in your stomach whenever you’re around your crush?


3. You’ve never met anyone important to him: Not meeting family and friends is ALWAYS a sign of impending danger! When you are dating someone, you eventually end up integrating your lives. You may not be best buds with his friends, but they will at least know you exist. The only time a guy insists on keeping his personal life separate from his relationship is when he’s scoping for a way to break off from the situation with no strings attached. This gentleman clearly has no intentions of staying around long-term.


4. He’s not afraid of losing you: When we have good things in our lives, we tend to want to hold on tight. Someone who is indifferent to your presence in their life shows that you add no real value for them. You could never convince someone of your importance. (Nor is your job to.) Does this really sounds like a person you can build a future with?


5. You’re afraid to be yourself around him: Not being comfortable around the person you “love” is major red flag. If you don’t act like yourself, then exactly who is that person with? You won’t be able to fake it forever and once the gag is up, often times it’s the other person who feels as if they’ve been cheated. When you are honest about who you are up front, you are honoring yourself. Your mate should bring out the best in you, not make you pretend to be something that you’re not.

6. His future plans don’t involve you: Everyone has (or should have) future goals and endeavors. As humans, it is completely normal to try and include the people we care about into those plans. If he never mentions you in his future, it may be a clear sign that he doesn’t see you in it.

Written by: Meaghan Carter


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