The Anti-Contour: Strobing

Thanks to the Kardashian family, the art of the contour has transformed the way the everyday woman does her makeup. Undoubtedly, 2015 has been the year of the contour. I am pretty sure that every YouTube beauty vlogger has done at least one or two videos this year on how they accomplished their contour.


However, as all trends tend to do, they run through a lifecycle. Thus, Kontrol Girl is prepared to give you the details on a new makeup trend that is sure to be popular come 2016. Strobing, is the enemy of the contouring trend. This makeup technique does not require you to carefully and painstakingly carve out the best angles for your face.

This technique is a little less science and more about enhancing your natural and beautiful glow. Essentially, you conceal and apply your foundation as you normally would. However, instead of adding dark and light powders to your face;  you use illuminating powders or bronzers to enhance your facial features.


Please click this link to learn how-to achieve the strobing effect.



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