5 Effective Ways To Improve Your Self-Esteem



There comes a time in a woman’s life when she realizes that the brightness of her future depends on her ability to know her worth. As cliché’ as that may sound, the ugly truth lies in the fact that as women, it is virtually impossible to navigate in this world without the understanding that we shouldn’t have to settle for anything. We birthed humanity for crying out loud! For some, having high self-esteem is inherent and automatic. As for others…well…it may take a little more practice. Self-esteem has nothing to do with outwardly appearances or other superficial charades that society places so much weight on, so you might actually be surprised to know that many women lack it. Yes, even the chick in your English 101 class with the perfect hair and flawless body could be suffering from low self-esteem as well. For those of us who have and still are struggling in this department, here are 5 simple tips to increase your self-worth and over all happiness.


  1. Find What You Are Good At: Everyone is gifted in some arena. It’s human nature to feel good about yourself once you excel in something. Find your talent(s) and never stop doing it!


2. Practice Daily Self-Affirmations: Speak what you want into existence by starting and finishing your day with some positive self-affirmations. We have the tendency to believe the things we are constantly told. Let’s take advantage of this and speak nothing but kind and gentle words to ourselves.


3. Surround Yourself With People Who Like You: Seems like a no brainer right? Wrong! We have all been guilty in some capacity of associating with people who don’t really care for us. Contrary to what some may feel, it is important to have support from others. Not everyone- but a select few individuals whose opinions we value. People who don’t like you aren’t going to help make you feel valuable. For instance, a guy who’s not that into you isn’t going to treat you like a princess. So why keep him around? It will only reinforce thoughts of worthlessness over time. We don’t want that.


  4. Make a Change You’ve Always Wanted to Make: For some this could mean losing weight. For others, it could mean going back to school or getting a better job. When we accomplish things we feel great. Let’s do more of that.


5. Stop Comparing Yourself: Sure it’s way easier said than done, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Everyone is different. So freaking what you don’t have the “perfect body” or the “perfect life.” You define YOUR worth by the things you have going for YOU.


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