Yara Shahidi The black-ish Beauty!





Child Stars and Hollywood always seem to have a “hit or miss” relationship. For every child star that becomes a superstar, there seem to be dozens more who fall to the wayside. By way side we mean into a miasma of desperation, obscurity, and in some cases tragedy. So how does a young star manage to stay above the fray and remain successful in an industry so cold it gives Mr. Freeze chills? The answer is simplistically complexby remaining true to themselves and their purpose. Few stars have mastered this like black-ish star, Yara Shahidi! Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota this true American sweetheart has won the world over by a few million viewers at a time, via her hit show. “This has all been so surreal!” She says of black-ish’s success, “Like never in my wildest dreams—maybe my wildest—did I expect it to be so big!”


Look for the full issue releasing end of October! we can’t wait


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