Three Ladies Still Got Game, But Who Will Win It All?

We all have thoroughly enjoyed the fun-filled episodes of the hit VH1 show She’s Got Game, but in case you haven’t seen this reality television treasure, here’s a brief synopsis: The show features Compton, California’s own Jayceon “The Game” Taylor as he searches for love in a sea full of beautiful, wild, and ambitious (in all meanings of the term, lol) women who are eager to capture his heart’s attention. After all the wild pool parties, romantic dates, and shocking eliminations, Jay (as the girls love to call him!) is down to his final three lady loves! The Game is a Sweet Tart – sour and hard at first but super sweet once you get to know him, and the ladies can’t resist it. On the flip side, the final three women are a force to be reckoned with for Jay, too. While two mature and sultry women pull at his heart’s strings, the young free-spirit reminds him of his fountain of youth. But, who will it be?

Briona Mae
Briona Mae
This P.Y.T. is holding her own in a competition full of experienced, grown women! Many are surprised that she managed to make it this far because of her rude and nonchalant persona, but Jay loves it! When he expressed his feelings about Briona to his grandmother, she advised him to “give it to God” because He may be the only one who can deal with her firecracker personality.

Pros: Young, energetic, and wild! And to trump all of that, she is drop dead gorgeous! Plus, she studies biological science in Las Vegas. Brains and beauty! Can you say winner?
Cons: … but we all know that mere beauty only goes so far, especially when it trumps other good qualities! Briona has been given chance after chance to prove that she belongs in The Game’s world, but she’s not a fan favorite like others. She didn’t want to meet his fans, his mother/grandmother, and she can be the heart of drama in seconds!

Though she would be a great compliment to his party lifestyle, would she be the friendly and nurturing woman Jay needs in his life? Briona, learn to hold your tongue and your liquor. And you just might be the future Mrs. Jayceon Taylor.

Rebecca Silvera
Rebecca Silvera KontrolGirl
What can be said about this Jamaican beauty? This professional equestrian and former beauty pageant contestant is the total package! Her nurturing and hopeless romantic personality has gotten her this far in the competition, and I’m sure hearing her seductive Jamaican accent didn’t hurt her chances either. I think it’s safe to say that she was the top pick before Shyona made her appearance later in the season; however, she has managed to remain irresistible to Jay, whom she refers to as “her man.”

Pros: Rebecca is The Game’s mother and grandmother’s favorite, which is a huge plus considering that he is a family-oriented man who values family opinion. Plus, parenthood is an important quality that they share.
Cons: Jealousy is her downfall. Rebecca does not hesitate to express her concerns about Jay’s time spent with other contestants, and he foresees this being a potential problem if there is a future between the two.
If Rebecca truly wants to strike gold, she must always present herself as the beautiful, confident, and unbothered woman Jay knows she can be!

Shyona Royston
Syona Roysten KontrolGirl
Shyona captured The Game’s attention at first sight after coming onto the show slightly before the halfway mark of the season. Her easy-going, yet sexy character makes her very approachable and a joy to spend time with for Jay. This mother of one has been so focused on raising her daughter that little time has been devoted to her love life. But, it seems like she’s ready!

Pros: These two also share the common bond of parenthood, an attribute that The Game finds attractive about a woman. And, of course, she’s beautiful!
Cons: For the most part, Shyona has kept a “clean nose” throughout the completion. But, now is not the time to play it safe! At this point, one bold act of love could leave her as the last woman standing. But, does she have what it takes to seal the deal?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Tonight, another one will be made to determine who will stay and who will leave. The potential for a true love connection is floating amongst these final women, but who will it be? Don’t forget to catch tonight’s episode at 10:00 EST on VH1!

KontrolGirl wants to know who you think will take home the win! Share your thoughts with us via social media or!


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