Basketball Wives of LA Season 4 Reunion Recap


Sparks flew on the reunion set of Basketball Wives of LA Season 4 as the girls continued to drag out stale tea and petty reads from earlier this season. The show was not impressive to say the least. Draya once again managed to cause a domino effect of chaos and confrontation without actually having to be present and Meghan went to great lengths to prove that she was not a “thot” for having an abortion.

In addition, Tami Roman and Brandi managed to engage in a shouting match about the reason Tami was introduced to the cast to begin with. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’re privy to the fact that poor BBW LA ratings led to Shauni O’neal (cast member and executive producer) calling Tami from the Miami cast to stir up some mischief amongst the girls. According to Brandi, Tami is a “thirsty suga mama,” who jumps at any and every reality show opportunity available, while Tami swears that her added presence was nothing more than an act of kindness in efforts to salvage ratings and subsequently saving everyone’s jobs. Like most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Oh, and how could we forget Shauni “firing” Brandi on national television after being called a b***h? (Because that is totally unacceptable behavior for the Basketball Wives franchise.)

Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo  went tit-for-tat about their disagreements throughout the season and Angel and Meghan weren’t able to set aside their differences.

Overall, the takeaway from this lackluster of a reunion show was that:

  1. If you are Draya’s enemy, she will pay you dust. If you are Draya’s friend…she will pay you dust.
  2. Tami Roman and Brandi will ultimately never see eye to eye and therefore ought to stay away from one another (Or not…making for more drama)
  3. Shauni still hasn’t decided whether she wants to be the girl’s friend or their boss.

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