Teatoxing Does it Really Work?

So Kontrol Girls, are your Instagram and Facebook feeds inundated with advertising for detox teas like Skinny Mint, Boo Tea or Fit Tea to just to name a few?

I know that I have had a couple friends try and get me to join in on the Teatoxing  bandwagon, But I’m not going. It just seems to me that before I decide to truly base my diet around a cup of tea that I should do some research.


First, how do these detox teas actually work? Most claim to reduce belly fat and increase your energy. Well it seems most of the teas have the common ingredient gurana which is popular for its use in energy drinks. So that is where you get your energy boost, but it can all increase nervousness, restlessness and your heart rate. A

kylie skinnymint

Most of the detox programs work by offering a morning tea, which gives you energy, and then a bedtime tea, which is a clever way of saying, “your-at-home now so drink a laxative”. Senna is another frequent ingredient in these detox mixes which has a laxative effect, which leads to the feeling of a flatter tummy since your body is riding itself of waste. However, constant use of a laxative agent is potentially harmful to your health.

Lastly, after reading the fine print and testimonials on many of the tea detox sites; they highly suggest that you accompany your tea detox with regular exercise and healthy meals. This is where you are actually experiencing the weight-loss results. Truly, at the end of the day, the best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in.

For more information on tea detoxes read this Health,com article.

Written by: Michelle Gill


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