Hair to Dye For: Fall Hair Hues

People dye their hair all the time, but the fall season has its own set of hues. We’re transitioning from lighter and vibrant season to a more calm and cool season where even our hair can reflect it. Here are some dye jobs and hues you can expect to see this season.


In true fall fashion you can expect to see a lot of red. No, not fire red, but a more subtle shade of red. Burgundy or brick reds are popular during this time; the deeper and darker shades of red really stand out.




What’s fall without the appearance of orange? Of course neon orange isn’t on anyone’s radar this fall, but a burnt orange or red-orange will definitely turn some heads.

These two colors, red and orange, are the unofficial announcers and makers of autumn’s arrival, so why not participate in on the fun?


Now before you go stocking up on fifty shades of red and orange hair dye, you should probably do a little bit of research. Consider the brand you want to use, are you getting this professionally done or if this a DIY project, and be careful when picking your color.


You’re almost selfie ready, all that’s missing is that awesome dye job!


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