Beauty’s Only Skin Deep

If you’re like me then you’ve tried just about every skin product and regimen made, but haven’t had any luck locking in just one. One friend suggested Noxzema twice a day, another Neutrogena every other day, and a third Clearasil once a week, but they’ve all resulted in the same epic failure. How do you keep running into this problem and how do you fix it? I’m not a pro, but these are tips just to get you started.

skin products

Remember no two people are just alike. That being said just because a skin product and routine works for your friend doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you too. It may take time, but with patience and more research you’ll be successful. Another reminder please be gentle with your skin. You’re trying new and different products one right after another, but when does your skin breathe? It may sound silly, but give your skin a break. By you constantly picking at your face you could be doing more harm than good.

skin products1

My last reminder YouTube can’t teach you EVERYTHING! I love YouTube and it has helped me with a variety of DIY’s, but when it comes to handling your skin it’s probably best to speak to a professional. That same effort and time you’re putting into finding new YouTube vloggers could be going to finding a qualified dermatologist. Again, I’m in no way bashing YouTube and its many vloggers, but when it comes to your skin be selective.

skin products2

I hope these tips helped and good luck on your quest for healthy skin!


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