Stingy With Me


Every now and then we all change or alter ourselves a little to gain the approval of someone else. Maybe you heard the guy you like, likes girls with curly hair so you spent $50 at the salon over the weekend getting your hair spiral curled and styled. Maybe you had your eye on this cute pair of stiletto heels for a while and then when you finally bought them, your best friend said you looked like a 41st hooker –  so you in turn took them back to the store and exchanged them for more “sensible” shoes.

But by doing these things we somewhat lose ourselves in the process. You forget how much you love your silky straight hair or how much more confident you felt in those heels. But why do we change ourselves to fit someone else’s mold? Would they do the same for us? More than likely, they wouldn’t. And you know what – it’s time to be selective about who we give our time and energy to.

The same way we pick and choose what we’ll have for breakfast and lunch, is the same way we need to choose who we keep in our inner circle. Be stingy with yourself because if the people in your circle aren’t adding to your life, then they’re robbing you of your livlihood.

By Monique C. Tillman


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