Shine Bright Like a Diamond!: Meet Angelise

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Meet a fresh face in the boutique owner industry. Angelise is the owner of the online store called, Sunny Love.  This rising star is a Psychology Major and rising Senior at Spelman College.

Sunny Love is all about living free and being effortless. Once on the website, you’ll see bright colored items and pictures of girls smiling and posing with fabulous clothes.


The online boutique started April 2015, and the popularity skyrocketed since then.

The best thing I love to see is people’s feedback. It inspires me to keep going; knowling that they like what I put out just inspires me more.

“Girls just wanna have fun!” The vision that Angelise has for girls is to not spend so much time on their appearance, but still look cute.

We want to be on the fly and have adventures!

If you want to live effortlessly, visit and let the good times roll!


What was the inspiration for Sunny Love? 

I’ve always wanted to own my own fashion company. Opportunity met preparation, and it took off from there. I started it because I wanted to give girls something that is effortless, something that is fun, and something that they can just throw on.

What does fashion mean to you? 

It’s always been a love of mine. When I was Kindergarten…first grade, I didn’t want to wear the uniforms… I wanted to wear my own clothes. It’s really just evolved over time. I’ve created my own style over the years which encompasses the Sunny Love brand.

For those who are interested in purchasing items from Sunny Love, would you say it’s more summer wear? 

It’s a combination of summer and winter. In the winter, we’ll definitely have items that are in season. We’ll have on-going trends.

What advice would you give to young girls who are interested in fashion and want to start something similar to what you’re doing? 

I would just say, research. I planned for a year and a half before even starting my website. I would definitely say research, look at other people’s stores, and see how they evolved. Study the craft. Learn it to a tee.

DSC_1034 DSC_1036

Where did the name Sunny Love come from? 

It was actually my Instagram name. People at my old job use to call me Sunny Love because I was so bright and always positive. People called me Sunny and I just put the two together.

What are your views on beauty? 

I think that inner beauty is something that can’t be forced. It evolves over time. I think that it’s something that you just go with the flow. You should just spend time with yourself and learn who you are. I found my inner beauty by spending time with myself. Block out all the negativity.


A dream became a reality with Angelise! Her boutique reminds us that there are good things that happen in our lives. Don’t hold back on your dreams! With hard work and perseverance, you too can turn your dreams into a reality! Kontrol your destiny! Shine bright! Open your heart and keep pushing.

Look out for bright colors and other exciting pieces at Follow them on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook @shopsunnylove.


Viva la fashion,



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