David Guetta Hit With $6 Million Lawsuit After Being Accused of Stealing #1 Song


David Guetta is accused of stealing music from a 80’s artist for his #1 hit “Dangerous” and now the world famous DJ has been hit with a $6 million dollar lawsuit.

A fellow musician named Andre Dudek filed a federal lawsuit against David Guetta, singer Sam Martin Warner Music and Atlantic Records. Dudek claims that he created a song called ‘Illuminations’ back in the 1980s. He had the composition copyrighted, but not until 2015. (Who waits that long to copyright something?) 

Andre Dudek says that David Guetta’s 2014 hit song “Dangerous” which featured the vocals of Sam Martin is a rip off of his 80’s track ‘Illuminations’. He explains that Guetta never got permission from him to use his music and due to his song theft, the DJ has made millions of dollars for the song making it to #1 on the charts.

The musician says not only did Guetta make money from the sales of his record, but he gained notoriety, fame and business opportunities from it. He points out Guetta’s track was featured in a T-Mobile advertisement.

Dudek is also fuming that the song “Dangerous” was registered to other writers including Guetta,  when he says his song is identical to the DJ’s song including the written version.

The man is suing for $6 million dollars in damages for the song theft and demanding the court order an injunction against Guetta from continuing to distribute and profit the track.



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