3 Lessons Learned from Bella Thorne’s Performance in Lifetime’s “Perfect High”

Perfect High
Over the weekend Bella Thorne literally wowed us with her performance of former dancer turned drug addict Amanda in the Lifetime movie “Perfect High.”  In the movie we saw Bella spiral down a destructive path all in the name of trying to be ‘perfect’ while battling depression.

There were many times when Bella’s character turned to drugs because her dream of dancing seemed to be a memory of the past and part of me couldn’t help but notice how her character’s feelings of having her dreams deferred mirrored everyday life. Not everyone turns to narcotics to cope, but everyone has felt those feelings of giving up and saying f*ck it when things don’t pan out the way we had hoped. I’ve taken away three focal lessons we could all learn from Bella Thorne’s performance.

No matter how many doors are slammed in your face, no matter how many people tell you ‘no’ or laugh at your dreams you do not and you cannot give up.

Depression is a bitch, plain and simple. I know it is because personally I’ve been there. I’ve had those same feelings as you but turning to any type of narcotic should not be something you go to as a resort.

If you see someone becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol, speak up and get them some help. Never ignore the signs or the silent cries for help.

By Monique C. Tillman


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