Ten Things To Do In Your Twenties

forever young

There is a reason people want to be young forever! These are supposed to be some of the best years of your life. You’re young, you’re hot and you’re full of curiosity. Not too long ago people started calling you an adult and it’s like music to your ears. But we all know that with growing up comes responsibilities, but who says you can’t slide some fun in there? Just for you twenty-somethings, I have compiled a list of ten things to do in your twenties. Enjoy!

1. Know Your Worth

I say this one first because this is the age where you are most impressionable. You may see some celebrity getting breast implants or butt injections and may think you need to do the same thing as well but you DON’T! Wake up everyday and look at yourself in the mirror. Give that girl a wink and tell her she’s the finest chick on the planet.

2. Learn How to Budget

Your finances now are just as important as they are in your sixties, why? Because this is the age where most banks and credit card companies start sending you tons of offers in the mail hoping to get you to sign up. They know that in your twenties all you want to do is shop and party and they never mention the repercussions of debt and going bankrupt. Start yourself a savings account and set that aside for your first car or home. Trust me, if you start saving now, in ten years, you’ll be signing your first mortgage.

3. Get In Tune With Your Body

By now we’ve all taken a few health and sex education classes and we pretty much got this hygiene thing down pat right? But what about making monthly and yearly visits to a healthcare clinic for check-ups? Do you know your status? Start researching doctors and also talk with your family to find out their medical history. Ladies with family history of cancer, diabetes, etc should always start getting tested early. Early detection is always best. Get to know every inch of your body and how to take care of it.

4. Become a Culinary Queen

No, I am not telling you you should know how to make a pot of Ramen Noodles – I’m telling you you should know how to make a complete meal with all the fixings! Not everyone is cut out to be a master chef but chicken and fish are two main meats everyone should learn how to clean and cook properly, followed by a solid starch like potatoes (mashed, fried, etc) and a nice veggie on the side. This will keep you from spending money on fast food every week and save you gas money from going to your parents house for a good home cooked meal. YouTube has a TON of tutorials on how to cook great meals for little to nothing.

5.  Know How to Clean Your House and Car

No one likes to live in a pig-sty (except the people on Hoarders, but that’s a topic for another day and time).  Your house is your place of solitude. If it is messy and junky all the time, the clutter will start to get to you and it will begin to stifle you. Those shortness of breaths you feel just sitting in your bedroom – yeah, your mess is suffocating you. Invest in some window cleaner, dish detergent, moping liquid and a good vacuum.

6. End ALL Toxic Relationships

There’s a saying that goes, “some people come into your life for a reason or a season.” Learn how to tell who’s really got your back and who’s just along for the ride. You know that guy you’ve been seeing on and off since sophomore year of high school who can never fully commit to you and only you, it’s time to let him go. And that Negative Nancy bestie you’ve had since Kindergarten – give her her walking papers too. It will hurt and feel lonely at first but as time passes on, you’ll be happy you did it.

7. Learn How to Properly Groom Yourself

There will come a time in your twenties when you want to go out with friends and you only have enough money for the night out and not the pregame. A ladies’ pregame rituals should consist of getting her hair done, nails done and applying that makeup. Again, I am going to direct you to YouTube. You will find some cute Do-It-Yourself Hairstyles that are quick and easy as well as some budget friendly makeup tutorials. Less is More!

8. Travel or Go On a Cruise

I do not mean go to the next state over and come home feeling like a new woman. I mean take a real vacation. See the Eiffel Tower, enjoy the water in Hawaii, take a three-day cruise. You will learn to cherish these things.

9.  Have a Girl’s Night Out

We’ve all been obsessed with Sex and the City and the genuine friendships displayed on that show. How many times have you said “I’m definitely the Carrie Bradshaw in my group of friends?” How many times have you called up the girls and just had fun for a night? If you haven’t, DO IT NOW!!!! Your sisterhood bond will become that much tighter and stronger.  Thank me later.

10. Take a Self Defense Class

I think it is important for women to engage in self-defense classes. As women we are automatic targets and we should always be prepared in the event someone tries to attack or harm us. Invest in some mace and self defense classes. If you can’t find the time for those classes at the Y, again, get your butt on over to YouTube and start looking up some techniques.

Remember, your twenties are supposed to be some of the most memorable times of your life. LIVE IT UP!

By Monique C. Tillman

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