Lindsay Lohan Finishes Community Service

It has been a long journey since her reckless driving incident back in 2012 which ranks at the bottom of her many other court appearances. But now, 28-year-old Lindsay Lohan is free from the bondage of the law as she has completed all of her community service and is now off of probation.

Lohan finished her final 115 community service hours in 16 days. Due to her making good on her legal agreement, on Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark Young lifted her probation and gave the former Disney star, from what she says, a sense of freedom she hasn’t experienced in nearly eight years.

Lohan was not present for Young’s ruling but she did show her gratitude via Twitter. She tweeted:


She also added the following caption to her tweeted letter: “Clean slate, fresh start  

Seems like Lindsay is back in position to make a serious comeback into Hollywood. Even though her feature in the 2013 Bret Easton Ellis film The Canyons didn’t quite give her the spark that she needed to get the train rolling, we expect a more clear-headed, probation-free Lohan to be back in action pretty soon…and hopefully not in court. Congrats to Lindsay!


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