CEWA Announces 2015 Beauty Awards

Cosmetic Executive Women’s beauty awards have told the world their most desired list of beauty products.

The CEWA is considered the “Oscars of beauty,” all the winners are chosen by beauty professionals.

Here is the list of winner, for you to look you’re best this summer:

Hair shampoo/Hair conditioner

Living Proof: Curl Conditioning Wash, $26

The non-lathering conditioning wash is perfect for today’s hair washing, which is not to wash at all. The product is gentle and sulfate free and it leaves hair cleansed, silky and full of life.


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, $23d34ebad7-3b1e-41b8-bd36-65a9e0d77bf9

Laneige is a Korean imported facial cleansing mask that is light and easy to use. Lather up the cream apply to your face at night and rise with beautiful hydrated skin. This product is available at Target.

Eye treatment

 L’Oreal Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother, $24.99

Blur is great for smoothing lines and blurring imperfections underneath and around the eye.

Bath and body

 Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, $9.99315eac10-a57f-49a3-ba73-e142272b4ac4

The cream masks and motorizes skin and give that skin a luminous summer glow.

Best-seller award: Nail polish

 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, $9.99

The future of at home gel nail polish is here, no waiting under a LED light or difficulty removing.

Eye makeup

FLOWER Eye Marker & Volumizing Mascara, $9.00

Drew Barrymore’s 2 in 1 product is long-lasting and volume-boosting for thicker fuller lashes.

Face product

 Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, $5543b85d2f-4ff7-41f0-bfaf-7e39c646f586

This innovative product can highlight and contour to create a natural complexion – one shade works for all skin tones.

Hair tool

T3 Whirl Trio Wand, $230

This three barrel hare creation can your hair body, volume, and lay your hair like you favorite red carpet star.


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