Speak Nation!

It is easy to see that our generation is completely nostalgic. The funny part is that we are nostalgic towards a time that we can barely even remember: the nineties! The elders of our generation definitely remember te best of the while others have bits and pieces of memories. The nostalgia can be seen in everything that this generation does from the language to the dress code. Speak Nation understands that as a brand. Most people say they can’t understand this generation, but creators of Speak Nation, Leon and William  both comprehends and embodies the veru expression of this generation through fashion!


Speak Nation Apparel allows the wearer to be heard without even opening their mouthes. With popular nineties symbols and figures like: the All That logo, Homer Simpson, Martin Lawrence, and Ice Cube this brand is just up this generation’s alley! With the help of feedback from students, interns, and customers they are able to achieve that. The latest collection Fine & Fresh is a combination of sorts. It is a combo of two collections (Fine Ass Boys and Fresh Ambition) as well as the two personalities of the creators, Leon being the “fine” and William being the “fresh”. They didn’t forget about the ladies so Fine Ass Tomboys was also introduced with Bad Girls Club, Blu at the forefront. They successfully combined fun and sex appeal in one. Thus far the collection and brand over all has been almost an overnight success. The notoriety of the brand is growing across our nation and into other nations!


This brand has not limits and no boundaries! Despite the intricate decision making process they get the job done for their customers and quality is never sacrificed! Their background in Pr and communications make this all possible and even the more successful. They are very involved in the community and are constantly attending and having events. This Saturday May 16, there will be a meet and greet with Blu at TopShop in Lenox Square Mall! Don’t miss out! And May 30th, they will be having a brunch at the Neiman Marcus called Eat and Create. Both events involve networking opportunities and chances for brand expansions and exchanging of ideas.


Keep your eyes open for Speak Nation it is soon to be Speak “Inter Nation” because it’s going across the globe in an eye blink! For more information on the brand visit http://www.kontrolmag.com/speak-nation/ and the company site http://www.speaknationapparel.com also follow them on Instagram to stay up to date on events and collections @thespeaknation.


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