Beyoncé Signs Three Teenagers!

The Beehive has some new bubble bees joining the team. Beezus sends an epic blessing to three young teenage girls to live out there dreams and buzz into stardom.

chloe-and-halle-bailey sophie1

R&B  mega-star Beyoncé and her management team, Parkwood Entertainment, signed three young ladies to their roster: Youtube duo sensations Chloe (17) and Halle Bailey (15) and former X-Factor contestant Sophie Beem (14). These girls are no strangers to fame. The Bailey sisters have multiple covers on Youtube with views in the seven-figure range and 500,000 subscribers. Beem finished in the top 40 of the highly competitive X-Factor television talent show in 2012. You can check out the talented young stars at these links below.

The Bailey sisters’ deal equal out to $1 million over five-years and six albums and Beem’s contract cashes out at $560k. That’s a lot of bank for three teenagers.

Looks like the Queen Bee is looking to not only inspire but to put the young women on the front line to lead and help lead the new generation for years to come. Much praise to the OG’s prepping the youngsters.


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