Graduation Outfit Ideas

Graduation season is among us! Time to say goodbye to the things you loved (and didn’t like) and hello to new beginnings! Now, with graduation comes the commencement ceremony and the parties!

Find these pieces presented below as suggestions worth investing for your special day.

Option 1

Graduation Collage 1White Lace Track Romper- Go Jane-$29.00

Laniel Midnight Black Open Toed Heels- Aldo- $70.00

Now Drop Metallic Hand Piece- Nasty Gal- $20.00 

Rompers are not just picnic attire. There are fabulous designs that can easily make a romper an exceptional option for graduation. The ensemble options number 1 that I have put together consists of a White Lace Track Romper from Go Jane. Laniel Midnight Black Open Toed Heels from Aldo, and a Now Drop Metallic Hand Piece from Nasty Gal to add the stylish effect to your romper.

Option 2


GraduationCalvin Klein Solid Pebble Crepe Jumpsuit-6PM- $84.99

Solid Gold Idiom Bangle- Kate Spade- $48.00 

Jonika Laser Clutch- Bebe- $79.00 

Sexy Stiletto Heel and Zipper-Rose Gal- $27.19

Jumpsuits are a new way to do graduations this year. It is also the perfect way to stand out. For the second outfit, I have chosen a pink, black, and gold combination. This combination consists of a jumpsuit from Calvin Klein, a gold bangle from Kate Spade, a gold and black purse from Bebe, and a black stiletto heel from Rose Gal.

Hopefully, these outfits lead you in the direction of having the perfect graduation

Viva la fashion,




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