Girl Power Issue: OMG past, present and Future!



From OMG Girlz to OMG time has passed and our favorite girl group is all grown up! Sometimes growing up also means going your separate ways so that you can grow together. This seems to be the case with OMG as now the hit girl group has decided to go its separate ways. Miss Star, Miss Beauty, and Miss Babydoll are no more, but Zonnique, Bahja, and Breaunna live on! Now at the cusp of adulthood this amazing trio of young women is ready to set the world afire with their own projects, styles, and ventures. Kontrol Girl Magazine has an exclusive interview with the girls for our Girl Power issue!

The girl group curse may be real…and REAL dramatic, but this is not the cause nor the case for OMG. Think of their separation as a form of growing pains. There’s a big world out there and they want to explore their independence and abilities on their own. KG eloquently documents the girls past, present, and future from teeny boppers, to teenagers, and now rising stars. Despite no longer being a group they remain friends and even want to appear on each other’s projects.  OMG is D-O-N-E but the relevance,  and sisterhood between these three women is as strong as ever. Remember to catch the full interview in the Girl Power issue set to release May 4th.


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