10 commandments of Mascara!

By: Jarius Tommillson

We all love our lashes. Whether its strips, individuals, lash extensions, or even your own natural lashes, flaunt them with pride! With that being said, here is my 10 commandments of mascara. Make sure you follow these rules as if they are the commandments from the Bible. Govern your lashes with an iron fist and align your life closer to your favorite mascara.


  1. Get specific. Understand how you want your lashes to look. if you want to add volume or length, make sure you are using the right type for that specific look. Also, each mascara brush has different abilities. Make sure your look is right!
  2. Black mascara works for everyone! Don’t get caught in the hype with different mascara colors. Black mascara makes lashes fuller!
  3. Save waterproof mascara and use it for emergencies!
  4. Get the perfect curl with your eyelash curler.
  5. Add fullness and Drama via lashes. Wow your viewers as if they are looking at a 3-D movie.
  6. Add definition and length as well. Two coats of mascara can definitely add the definition and length you are looking for.
  7. Do not neglect your bottom lashes! They are the perfect shutters for a wide eye look!
  8. Try spidery like lashes–THE RIGHT WAY!
  9. Remove the clumps with a small tooth comb or eye lash comb.
  10. Before bed, remember to take it all off, most essentially your mascara!



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