Tyra Banks Encourages Women to Photoshop

It’s no secret that just about everyone in Hollywood has had their pictures photoshopped. Some agree with it and others don’t. But one celebrity who admits to photoshopping her pictures is former model and talk show host Tyra Banks. The former supermodel and businesswoman is openly a little insecure about her cellulite, and she told People that editing her photos to hide her imperfections is not something she, or anyone else, should be ashamed of.

“Honey, I’ve got a lot of cellulite on my booty and that’s nobody’s  business. So if you see me in a swimsuit and you see the side of my butt and there’s no dimples in it, I or somebody else have retouched it all.”

According to People, Banks believes that we’re in a time where there is a “democratization of retouching,” and she says that’s an empowering thing. So many women assume that stars always look flawless, when the truth is that many have their staff hide certain things that they’re insecure about. To her, the fact that the ability to hide some cellulite here and some stretch marks there has been made more available to everyday women through their phones is a good thing.

“I love that at the touch of the button anybody could do it on their smart phone. Girls may be like, ‘I’m so insecure. Tyra’s butt looks like that.’ Well, Tyra’s butt does not look like that. And your’s can look just like that. Just take a 5 second tutorial online and you can do it yourself.”

Are you for photo editing or are you against it? Sound off ladies and gents because it is Opinion Hour!

By Monique C. Tillman


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