Disney Starlet G. Hannelius Launches Customized Nail Wrap App

G Hannelius

Sixteen-year old “Dog with a Blog” actress G. Hannelius has completely reinvented the nail art industry and all it took was a few snapshots!

“I’ve always loved doing nail art,” says Hannelius, who says she started six years ago, when she was just 10. “I posted nail-art tutorials on YouTube, and my fans really responded to them and re-created the designs.” What’s different about this app — which took about a year from conception to its launch on Saturday — is that there’s no skill required. Make Me Nails only requires that the user be able to take a photograph – how much easier can it get. Users upload up to 10 snapshots to completely customize a set of nail wraps to be shipped, made by Minx, the original creator of the revolutionary product.

As for why Hannelius thinks this will take off: “In retail, women are marketed nail wraps called ‘girly’ or ‘rocker’ — they’re labeled,” she says. “Customization is great because women aren’t just a label. They can create whatever they want instead of being sold a very specific stereotype or design.”

Congratulations G!


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