Jeff Chery Releases “Rolling Stones 2” Mixtape!

By: Jarius Tommillson

Jeff Chery is back with his long awaiting mix tape “Rolling Stones 2”. He has teamed up with DJ Dynamite, DJ Esco and DJ Iceberg to create this masterpiece. If you remember, I talked about the single “Sorry” that Chery was pushing in the streets and club. This song was  deemed certified by the Durtty Boyz of Hot 107.9. With a tenacious spirit, flaming lyrics, and a good following, Jeff Chery to destined for greatness. Not to mention, he is really talented! The way he raps and carries his brand you would think he is already a superstar. Do not be surprised if you see Jeff Chery name in lights at the next concert you attend!


On this mix tape, Jeff recruited the likes of Rocko, Cap 1, Bankroll Fresh, Mike Fresh, Lil Lody, Rich Kidz, and other artists for a true sound of Atlanta. With production by FKi, Lil Lody, WillAFool, Shawty Fresh, Cassius Jay, DJ Plugg, and many more, this mix tape is a sure banger! Who doesn’t like bass knocking beats with superb lyrics? Atlanta is known for the music scene, so lets keep our great city on the map! Things only look up for this young artist. He is on the path for  greatness. Even though Jeff is from Brooklyn, he has the best of both worlds. A fiery edge from the North with a laid back persona from the South. Kontrol Girl salutes Jeff Chery for all of his hard work and patience. Success is not an over night journey; you must remain steadfast in order to win the race.


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