Best beauty looks this week on Social Media!

By: Jarius Tommillson

In modern society, our world is surrounded by things that can make a person famous by the click of a selfie. With the help of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets, markets have flourished because of the open gate of communication by the touch of a button. Today I am counting down the best beauty looks this week on Social Media. I will be focusing more or Instagram because that is a very popular tool to connect the world with.

  • @wahnails–I love the way the rainbow spectrum wraps around her eyes. Not to mention, I live for a winged eye!


  • @caradelevingne–Even though she is very young, she models as if she has been doing this for centuries. From her famous eye brows and even piercing eyes, this model is never slowing down. Not to mention, she has been on countless magazine covers and runways all over the world.


  • @findyourcalifornia–This is perfect beauty picture in my opinion. It really shows the natural beauty of a person especially with the Sun as the perfect light source. Not to mention that floppy hat is to die for!


  • @aarondemey1–This is a great portrait of a rocker/grudge look. I like how they emphasized the heavy black eyeliner and red lip.


  • @jasonwu–The fashion designer struck pure gold with these beauty upload. I love how her purple lips compliment her chocolate tone. That touch of yellow at the top creates the perfect balance.



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