Whats in my bag?!?! Beauty products you should always keep handy!!

By: Jarius Tommillson

With the elements, our day-to-day commute, and the environment we live in, our skin takes a beating on the daily. Not to mention our hair, nails, and most essentially our lips undergo the same severe treatment. No matter what your day may unfold, its imperative to keep some beauty products close in order to keep your look fresh. Now I am not say bring your whole make up bag with you! Only a couple of things for a routine touch up. Interested in keeping your hair laid no matter how humid the weather is? Want to keep your face fresh and your make up concealed? Check out my beauty run down of products that are crucial for a kept face.

Cosmetics in Elegant Gold Cases

  • Lip balm: Even if you are wearing a lip paint or lip stick having this tube a glory is a good thing. For example, I always keep my favorite lip balm Lyp Syl in my pocket to keep my lips on fleek no matter what the outdoors may look like.
  • Face Towels: This is perfect for getting rid of that extra grit off of your face during a hot day.
  • Rubber bands, bobby pins, and clips: When you really want you get your hair off of your neck these are your best friends. Also they are great tools for creating a cute style for a BBQ or day at the beach.
  • Nail clipper: When you have a hang-nail or in between visits for your routine pedicure, nail clippers are vital.
  • Hair Brush: The best way to style your hair times is to tame it! Keep a brush handy!
  • Eye shadow, lip stick, mascara, etc: Take some of your favorite make up products for a ride. Grab the items that you used to do your make up originally. This will keep your look sealed.




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