Rosario Dawson pays homage to her roots in O Magazine!

By: Jarius Tommillson

Rosario Dawson is no stranger to the camera. She is gorgeous, extremely talented, and most importantly and force in the acting community. With years of acting under her belt, Dawson shows no signs of slowing up anytime soon. With her infectious smile and piercing eyes, Dawson can melt the hearts of many with just a couple of blinks. For the April issue of O Magazine, Rosario Dawson pays homage to her Latin culture by the way of colorful prints, patterns, fashion. Even the way her hair is styled is a clear reflection of her heritage. This was a great way for Dawson to display her background through fashion.


From the accessories, shoes, and even the lighting, Rosario glows bright. She looks extremely comfortable modeling pieces that work well for her frame. What do you think about her spread?


Each shot is a playful notation of how beautiful Dawson is. The Havana Nights themed fashion spread is a clear depiction of Rosario sporting fedora hats, fur, frilly skirts and voluminous dresses in true Afro-Cuban, Puerto Rican, Irish & Native American spirit. According to Dawson, “My grandmother had a really great way with mixing patterns and colors. It all looked so good with her beautiful white hair and dark skin.”



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